New HANEDA2000 - Tokyo MEX enabler ver 1.0

Japanese version

New HANEDA2000 by TwilightExpress (made by LAGO) is very nice scenery of Tokyo Haneda International airport for FS2000. But this scenery has a side effect that a considerable part of my Tokyo MEX way in Tokyo transportation scenery 2000 is erased.

I make the file which can solve this problem.

This file can be used for Tokyo transportation scenery 2000 (MS version and TW version) in both. But I don't solve the phenomenon in LAGO Tokyo that a part of textures in Haneda airport vicinity are not displayed (There is no relation for Tokyo MEX scenery.).

Please find the folder which New HANEDA2000 is installed. In most cases, there are folders LAGO, Haneda, and Scenery under FS2000 folder, I think. Confirm there is the file which name is hnd2kex.bgl, and take out it at a safe place. Next, put in my file hnd2kex2.bgl there. That's all.

MS version
TW version

New HANEDA2000 is beautiful but very heavy ! It causes FS2000 freeze by only a little moving in Slew mode, it breaks not only FS2000 but also Windows together. Oh, it is beyond the terrain scenery.
By the way, please look at this. This file enables a sightseeing in the night at Haneda airport with Tokyo MEX way in the background.

Distinguish versions
Please look a property of this bgl file by clicking a right button of the mouse. You will find a difference of modified date and size of the file like this.

hnd2kex2.bgl ver1.0Aug.13,2000(modified date)211 byte(file size)

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Whether you give a donation or not, the function of this scenery is not affected. There is no limit to the function of this scenery.
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